A Prayer for Our Military

Be mindful, O Lord of all those who serve in our Armed Forces and those of our allies.  Aid our forces in every cause that is truly against evil and oppression. Grant them victory and subdue under their feet every enemy and adversary. Grant them wisdom and patience in their dealings with civilians whether foreign or domestic. Touch the hearts and minds of our enemies and all commanders, for they set in motion what our forces must endure and the actions they face. Grant our forces courage, strength, accuracy, alacrity and clarity. Grant them the wisdom to make choices that minimize collateral damage whenever strategically feasible. Be merciful to them in every cause, for their orders are not of their choosing. Protect them from unjust leaders and from their own passions and self-interests. Keep their anger in check so they only go outside the rules of engagement when there is no better alternative. Grant them wisdom when it is needed and grant them guidance when there is none. Do not let them be needlessly sacrificed for the ambitions of the vainglorious nor used as instruments of oppression by the cruel and unjust. Fill their hearts with Thy love for comrade and country that they may do what they must and shine Thy light upon them that they may follow Thy path. Make Thyself known to them in the places they trod, so they do not feel beyond Thy reach. Upon their return from battle, grant them adequate rest and heal them in body, mind and spirit. Comfort them when they pass so none will feel alone nor forgotten in their repose. For the rest, upon their homecoming help their hearts and minds to stand down; bless their families and friends with patience and understanding. Grant their leaders and all who have not seen combat or its aftermath wisdom and compassion in all their dealings with those who have. If needed, may they quickly find effective and empathic help to heal from what they have seen and done. Grant this O Lord.

The above prayer was the joint effort of a retired infantry Soldier (Protestant) and an Orthodox Christian whose Priest blessed its being shared. Used with permission.

(Photo from: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/41/Paris%2C_Bibliotheque_Nationale%2C_Drawing_Arcus_Einhardi%2C_17th_c_-_detail4.jpg)

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